gilles conan

sustainable obsolescence - i will rather not to exhibition - ekito - toulouse - france  / leds projector, photovoltaic panel, batterie, current converter, charge controller, wires / variable dimensions

for the opening of the exhibiton, the battery was full loaded while the beam of the projector was focused to the center of the photovoltaic panel. thus, an energy loop was created that could not stand for more than a few hours unless the photovoltaic panel is submitted to direct sunlight ( which was not the case in that room ). for the rest of the exhibition the device remained inert.
programmed obsolescence was imagined but phœbus cartel of light bulbs manafacturers in the 20's to reduce incandescent light bulbs lifetime, among other things.
french title was 'obsolescence durable' ( more or less sustanalble obsolescence in english ).
'sustainable development' is an oxymoron ( even more in french with the 'durable' adjective used instead of 'sustainable' ).