gilles conan

rollin' ( what goes up must come down ) - amiens all-nighter - france
leds - gradateurs - aluminium - plexiglas - semi-random programming
14 signs 1 m diameter - 7m total diameter
ephemeral piece commissionned by edf in 2010 in toulouse

this piece was created in 2010 in toulouse and displayed on a façade by the river garonne for 2 months.
for this amiens all-nighter, rollin' was on for only one night, on the esplanade in front of the 13th century main portal of the cathedral.
what goes up must come down.
while most of the visitors were attracted by the lights of the signs on the ground, the semi-random ouroboros reiterated revolutions and the main intensity changes lit up, darkened or projected circular shifting rotations of the shadows of the sculptures and reliefs of the gothic edifice.
this dialogue was close to a spiritualist science fiction, far away from 'historical' sound and trichromic light show displayed each summer.